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Precision Services

Smarter Effluent Solutions

On farm effluent management is very important, not only for compliance, but to reduce nutrient losses.  Maximise the use of key nutrients, improve production, reduce fertiliser requirements for a more efficient farm system.  Vantage NZ has a range of products and services to help improve you effluent farm system.

Effluent Solutions:

  • Soil Moisture & Weather Monitoring to ensure easy decision making and justified applications
  • EM Soil Surveying for a complete picture of your soil varaibility 
  • Water-holding capacity assessments to get real WHC measurements, for your farm
  • Bucket testing services to ensure that your effluent system is applying what it should be
  • Proof-of-placement with Trimble Ag Software and Trimble Displays for slurry application systems
  • Seamless integration with existing Halo Farm Systems telemetry to maximise the use of your investments to date
  • On-farm service, training & support for you and your team to ensure you’re making the right effluent decisions
  • Complete audit reporting* so that you can spend more time on farm rather than in front of a computer


*Complete audit reporting service relies on all required data being easily available to Vantage NZ. To enquire as to what is required please contact us.