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Precision Services

Soil Moisture Site Servicing

This comprehensive service ensures that your soil moisture sensors have the best chance to provide accurate data to you when it matters most. Over time, rain gauges fill with cobwebs, modems can be knocked by machinery, wires get chewed by stock, and pugging can form around the probe sensory area – all hindering the data quality you receive.

Having a site service requires one of our field technician’s visiting the site and doing everything possible to eliminate any hindrance. They will assess the condition of the probe, telemetry, rain gauge, and the soil conditions around the probe. Rain gauges will be calibrated, the quality of data online data will be examined, and an annual report of your soil moisture data and irrigation scheduling throughout the irrigation season will be created. Furthermore, any additional feedback that could create improvements will be given. 


  • Accurate, reliable soil moisture and rain gauge data
  • Improved longevity of your valuable telemetry and soil moisture equipment
  • Helps with on farm audits and farm environment plans
  • Improved understanding of soil moisture data and better irrigation scheduling
  • Ensure the conditions around the probe are still representative of the irrigated area.

Consult your local Vantage representative for more information.