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Precision Services

Bucket Testing

Your irrigators are some of the most valuable pieces of equipment on your farm, be sure that you are applying the amount of water that you think you are!  Blocked sprinklers, poor pressure, leaking pipes, and worn fittings are all very common; which generate uneven irrigation leading to patchy growth and uneven yields in pasture and crop.

Vantage NZ will visit each irrigator to measure the application depth and water pressure on your irrigation system.  An independent report will be completed outlining the results.  The bucket test can be conducted on new and old irrigators, no matter what type of irrigation or effluent system you have we can test it.


  • Tests the uniformity of your irrigation system
  • Essential for farm audits and farm environmental plans
  • Independent and easy to understand reporting on irrigator operation
  • Identify next steps for more efficient water use
  • Potentially improved pasture production

It is important to note that these are not full irrigation evaluations. If you require or want to know more about a full evaluation please contact us.  VRI testing is available for the same price and done under the guidelines of the Lindsay Growsmart Precision VRI testing recommendations.   

Consult your local vantage representative for more information.