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Precision Products

CenterPoint VRS

Trimble CenterPoint VRS provides instant access to RTK-level positioning within a fixed network. With sub-inch accuracy, this agriculture GNSS correction service helps you achieve the quality standards you need in less time for tasks such as drainage, drip irrigation and land levelling in areas with good cell coverage. Watch your productivity, and your profits, grow.


  • Availability: United States, Europe and Australia/New Zealand
  • High Accuracy: Provides < 2.5 cm (1″) accuracy*
  • Ideal for a variety of high precision agriculture uses in areas having good cellular coverage
  • Instant Initialisation: Start working immediately under optimal conditions**
  • Multi-constellation support: GPS, GLONASS and QZSS enabled
  • More uptime: Built-in redundancy to ensure connectivity, consistency and quality
  • No base station required: No need to worry about losing radio signal reception since a base station is not needed for Trimble VRS Now-based correction services
*  95% performance based on in field measurements. Achievable accuracy and initialization time may vary based on type and capability of receiver and antenna, user’s geographic location and atmospheric activity, scintillation levels, GNSS constellation health and availability and level of multipath including obstructions such as large trees and buildings.

other benefits:

  • High accuracy – with accuracy levels < 2.5cm, you can get your job done fast and on the line, first time
  • Better uptime – dropped signals are a thing of the past. Trimble’s reliable networks ensure you’re always on and working so you can keep on producing without interruption
  • Boarder availability – VRS Now networks are available throughout much of North American, Europe, New Zealand and Australia, and the footprint continues to expand
  • Less hassle – don’t worry about buying, moving or maintain a base station or setting up your own infrastructure. Just connect, correct and work
  • xFill Compatible – Maintain seamless metwork connections with Trimble xFill, your satellite delivered backup coverage if network connectivity is lost