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AquaCheck Soil Moisture Probes

Soil moisture is one of the most critical elements for successful plant growth and profitable agriculture. We are lucky in NZ that, for the most part, we have adequate rainfall to produce high quality primary industry commodities . Unfortunately it just doesn’t fall where and when we need it. It’s our responsibility, as land stewards, to use this resource in the most efficient and effective way possible, ensuring that we’re applying enough to reach production targets while remaining environmentally sustainable.

Soil moisture is not only pertinent to irrigated farming though, it is fundamental to the success of all land-based primary industry sectors, even dryland. And at Vantage NZ, we wanted to bring a solution to New Zealand’s agriculturalists to help them manage this precious resource more efficiently, with a cost effective soil moisture monitoring solution.


  • Fully telemetered, giving you wireless access wherever you are
  • Vertical orientation to easily see soil moisture movement within the profile
  • Built-in temperature sensors
  • Rain gauge connections optional
  • Easy to install and uninstall, making them great for seasonal cropping situations
  • Competitively priced

Why Choose AquaCheck?

AquaCheck's Packed With Features

The AquaCheck soil moisture probe is jam packed full of great features positioning them as a leader in the soil moisture monitoring market around the world. Having timely and accurate soil moisture data is fundamental to running an efficient farming business. 

It allows you to avoid over-watering and potential leaching of nutrients and wasting of energy, optimise crop growth by carefully managing your inputs, ensure responsible environmental management on your farm and ultimately take your irrigation management from a ‘guess game’ with a spade in a lot of cases, to an accurate measured approach which is likely to save time, money, water and nutrients while often increasing production

Why aquacheck

The AquaCheck probe is a high quality, affordable, capacitance based soil probe which is compatible with a range of telemetry options and end user platforms. The probes are a vertically-oriented probe that is easy to install. Typically, the AquaCheck probes have a soil moisture AND a temperature sensor every 10cm down their length, giving more information to make better farm management decisions.

All information from an AquaCheck probe is wirelessly telemetered to AquaCheckWEB a web based platform. The data can be viewed, recommendations and forecasts given for irrigation requirements or soil moisture trends going forward. Additionally, the data can also be pushed to other websites so that you can view your AquaCheck soil moisture data along-side other information that you may use for your irrigation scheduling, like weather station data.

AquaCheck has more than 40,000 probes installed in more than 20 countries around the world, highlighting that it’s a popular product, and here to stay to supply accurate and reliable soil moisture information to land stewards around the world.

Vantage New Zealand_IMG_0505_72dpiVantage New Zealand_IMG_0505_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_2016-11-28 18.11.36_72dpiVantage New Zealand_2016-11-28 18.11.36_72dpi

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