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Precision Services

Precision Ag Kick-Starter Package

Precision agriculture can provide a world of valuable insights into your farming operation, but it can often also be tricky to know where to start. This package provides guidance for farmers on collecting and utilising on farm data. Using specialist software platforms allows detailed insights, leading to improved decision making and more efficient use of on farm resources. 


  • Annual software license (first year only)
  • Farm setup on precision software platform
  • Unlimited access to NDVI satellite imagery
  • 50 ha of Precision Nutrient Management* 
  • 30-minute software training session 
  • 30 minute review with recommendations for next season

*excludes soil sample costs

Pricing starts from $750 per package. Contact our expert team to find out more about how this can suit your farm. 

Optional add-ons:

  • Detailed yield-data analysis – wrap dollars and cents around your on-farm practices
  • Additional Precision Nutrient Management (excludes soil sample costs)
  • Upload existing EM Soil Survey data for detailed comparison with crop and nutrient variability, or complete a EM Survey of your ‘kick-starter’ area for a discounted rate
  • Further ‘deep-dive’ on farm analysis – comparison between different layers on farm and over multiple seasons