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Precision Services

GPS Control Systems RTK Network

GPS Control Systems offers an established Trimble RTK correction service for farmers and agricultural contractors across NZ. 


Contact GPS Control Systems to find out if you operation is covered by the GPS Control Systems RTK Network or refer to the map below. 


GPS Control systems provides RTK signal ccoverage in the high-value growing areas of New Zealand. Customers pay a yearly subscription to receive the signal, along with technical support. 

About the RTK Network

The GPS Control Systems network of reference stations can connect to the following GPS manufacturers, and suppliers of GPS self-steer systems: 

  • Trimble
  • Case 
  • New Holland
  • Topcon
  • Massey Fergusson
  • Valtra
  • Cat Challenger
  • Claas
  • Deutz


How it works:

  • A GPS reference station transmits the RTK correction signal directly to the tractor in the field – via a VHR radio modem. The tractor’s GPS system corrects it’s position to within +/- 20mm. 

Disclaimer notes:

  • Service areas shown are approximate
  • Tractor GPS receiver must be RTK enabled
  • Some manufacturers are not supported at all sites
  • Accuracy decreases with increasing range from the reference station
  • RTK is “Real Time Kinematic” – accurate and relatable
  • Does not need cellphone coverage to work
  • No convergence or warm-up time
  • Trees have minimal impact on performance
  • Does not require a tripod in the field

GPS Control Systems contact details:

0800 TRIMBLE (0800 874 65)

John Ahearn – 021 223 4911