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Farmer Pro

Farmer Pro is Trimble’s most powerful online and mobile farm management software. Farmer Pro customers get additional features that enable innovative, profitable farm management, including Crop Health Imagery, Work Orders, grid or zone soil sampling workflows, grain contract management, and more.


  • Complete Farm Management Solution
  • Crop health Imagery
  • Work Orders
  • AutoSync

Why Farmer Pro?

The software platform to do it all

Powerful Cloud-Based Software

Farmer Pro comes with access to an intelligent, user-friendy online platform that syncs automatically across devices so you’re only entering information once. Growers can use the online platform for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Real-time fleet tracking and utilisation
  • Field map layering
  • Field data and profitability analysis

Mobile Farm Management Made Easy

Farmer Pro comes with access to the pioneering, user-friendly Trimble Ag Mobile app. Trimble Ag Mobile allows farmer t input, access, and share records – from field images to crop scouting reports – in real time from any mobile device. Trimble’s farm data management app works on both Apple iOS and Adroid devices, and keeps working even if you lose your Wi-Fi or cell signal.

Use Trimble Ag Mobile for:

  • Field record keeping
  • Fleet management
  • Work orders
  • Crop scouting
  • Soil sampling
  • Grain contracts and bin management

Crop Health Imagery

Crop Health Imagery, powered by PurePixel™ technology, provides reliable, cloud-free, calibrated satellite images to farmers and their trusted advisors. PurePixel leverages a proprietary algorithm to analyze multiple sensor inputs to produce calibrated vegetative index maps throughout the growing season.

This unique calibration allows farmers to compare crop health at each growing stage for more targeted crop scouting. This enables smart in-season application decisions, helping farmers maximize yields and drive profits.




Farmer Pro comes with the AutoSync™ feature, which works in the background to automatically sync farm data across Trimble Ag Software and all Trimble displays using the Precision-IQ™ field application. Once enabled, this powerful feature syncs guidance lines, field names, boundaries, materials, implements, vehicles, and operator information in minutes, without pressing a button. AutoSync reduces human error and eliminates the need to manually share data via USB, resulting in consistent, accurate farm records.


Specialised solutions

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