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Precision Products

Farmer Core

Connect, simplify, and streamline your entire farm operation with Farmer Core. Trimble’s Farmer Core software complements your existing Trimble system to manage precision farming data and simplify display setup to capture the most value from every acre.

Farmer Core is powered by AutoSync, a new and innovative feature that runs in the background to automatically sync all guidance lines, field names, boundaries, materials, implements, vehicles, and operator information across all connected devices.


  • Simplify farms etup
  • Steamline farm operations
  • Improve reliability of farm records
  • Work orders
  • Fleet management

Why Farmer core?

So many features for so little price

Simplify Farm Setup:

Create client/farm/field names, import or draw field boundaries, and set up materials manually or by using a pre-built list of chemicals and seeds.

Streamline Farm Operations:

Manage precision farming data from Trimble displays and other sources via API, keeping all of your guidance lines, field names, materials, and machine information in one place.

Improve Reliability of Farm Records:

Automatically create field records based on data collected with your precision farming display to generate an easy-to-understand profitability analysis for each field

More Than Just Pretty Maps:

Are you tired of looking at yield maps that don’t match what’s in the field? Trimble Ag Software’s new Yield Data Cleaning tool automatically fixes issues with grain flow delays, GPS errors, sensor errors, and overlaps, saving you countless hours manually fixing them field-by-field. As more and more farmers move toward precision ag, accurate yield maps become critical when using them for prescriptions or management zones. Clean yield data means accurate maps, which result in more profitable acres.

Work Orders:

Designed to streamline farm workflows, Farmer Core’s Trimble Display Work Orders are a set of instructions for completing in-field tasks that are created on the web, and will then sync to the Precision-IQ display to facilitate remote task setup. This allows users to define details including materials, fields, implements, and operators for a Precision-IQ display task before they even get in the cab. After an operator completes the task in the Precision-IQ display, task status and data from the Work Order are wirelessly sent to Trimble Ag Software.



Customers with a Display Connection license can now utilize the full functionality of Fleet, such as tracking current and historical locations, vehicle utilization, and alerts — all of which are powered by FarmStream (using the FmX® integrated display, TMX-2050™ or GFX-750™ displays).

Users can:

  • Track equipment locations, status, and utilization
  • View historical positions
  • Capture time spent idling, moving, and traveling as well as monitor reasons for delays
  • Access engine diagnostics for real-time machine health


Specialised solutions

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