Transforming Farm Data Management: Uniting Farmers, Suppliers, and Systems for Efficiency and Peace of Mind 

Farmer in a field holding a laptop whilst looking at data in Trimble Ag Software

In the modern era of farming, farm data management has become a daunting task. As farms rely on multiple suppliers and databases to fulfill compliance and audit demands, farmers find themselves tirelessly searching for scattered information. However, there is hope on the horizon.

Gone are the endless hours wasted on syncing data across various platforms and programs. Every minute spent grappling with disparate systems is a minute stolen away from attending to the farm or spending quality time with loved ones. Recognising this pressing issue, Vantage New Zealand has forged an alliance with industry leaders Trimble Agriculture and Precision Farming to introduce a revolutionary solution.

Trimble, connected by Precision Farming, is a remarkable single screen solution that will transform your farm and business. The software connects Trimble Ag Software and Trimble guidance solutions with Precision Farming, opening the door to connections with MyBallance and HawkEye.

How will this connection help farmers in New Zealand?

This groundbreaking connection, powered by the Trimble Ag Software API, brings a host of benefits that will revolutionise the way farmers and contractors operate and manage their farms.

  • Nitrogen Limit Management – Stay on top of nitrogen regulations by tracking your usage across multiple suppliers and proof of application against the 190 N-Cap limit.
  • Digital Farm Maps – Digitise your farm map including paddock identification, exclusion zones and farm data management blocks.
  • Proof of Application – Accurately manage and record your proof of application of self-spreading.
  • Order Management – Manage your spray and fertiliser applications through the Precision Farming portal for a simple, direct, and digitised workflows
  • Environmental Data – Link your environmental data sources to get a consolidated visual representation of selected on-farm activities.

So how does the connection work?

At the core of this connection lies the ability to seamlessly digitise Trimble vehicle guidance products and automate proof of application. With just a few clicks, farmers can harness world-leading technology to enhance their operational efficiency and eliminate manual

  1. The process begins with the placement of an electronic spreading or spraying order on the farm’s digital map using platforms like HawkEye, MyBallance, or Precision Farming.
  2. Once the order is received, it is dispatched through the Precision Farming platform and sent to TAS (Trimble Ag Software) and the Trimble display in the vehicle.
  3. Finally, proof of application is recorded and returned to the respective platforms, including Precision Farming, Trimble Ag Software, HawkEye, or MyBallance.
Precision Farming Infographic

The automation of proof of application ensures accurate and reliable documentation with minimal effort, freeing up valuable time and resources for farmers to focus on other critical tasks.

Enhanced farm data management and analysis capabilities offer a valuable tool for farmers to improve their decision-making processes. With precise data at their fingertips, they can optimise their operations, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability.

Turning compliance headaches into opportunities with Trimble and Precision Farming  

In addition to the benefits highlighted above, this advanced connection also presents an immense opportunity for farmers in New Zealand to revolutionise their fertiliser application plans for upcoming seasons and accurately forecast the associated costs of crop cultivation and paddock management.  

In an era where production costs and profitability are constantly under pressure, harnessing the power of Trimble Ag Software and the API connection with Precision Farming empowers farmers to make informed and timely decisions for their farms, free from the complexities of multiple farm software platforms. 

Soil nutrition and fertiliser are vital factors in soil preparation, providing essential nutrients for crops throughout the growing season. By utilising the Trimble and Precision Farming connection, farmers can now streamline and digitise their entire fertiliser application workflow. From managing orders to proof of application, this innovative solution simplifies the process and enhances efficiency, enabling farmers to optimise their operations and maximise productivity. 

The ever-evolving regulations in New Zealand underscore the importance of centralised data for compliance and reporting purposes. Farmers feel like they have a brick wall in front of them. The connection enables farmers to consolidate their data sources, ensuring easy access and accurate record-keeping. This integrated system facilitates compliance, reduces errors, and simplifies reporting procedures in a visual way, eliminating the time wasted searching through multiple systems for data.  

The connection between Trimble Agriculture and Precision Farming is more than just a software integration—it is a catalyst for transformative change in the farming industry, revolutionising traditional agricultural practices giving farmers more time back for doing what they are best at – feeding New Zealand and the world. 

Discover how you can leverage the software you may already have and Trimble, connected by Precision Farming to enhance your farm or operations. Visit our Precision Farming page for more information. 

Trimble Agriculture, Precision Farming & Vantage NZ Join Forces to Revolutionise Farming Practices in New Zealand 

The new Trimble Agriculture and Precision Farming connection streamlines fertiliser and spray application for easier reporting, compliance and decision making.

Vantage New Zealand and Precision Farming, leading providers of smart agricultural technology, have launched at Fieldays a ground-breaking connection with Trimble Agriculture, a global leader in advanced positioning solutions, aimed at transforming farming practices for Kiwi farmers. 

The connection between Trimble Agriculture’s vehicle guidance products (via Trimble Ag Software’s API) and Precision Farming’s software platform, introduces a seamless connection revolutionising the way farmers and rural contractors digitise and automate fertiliser and spray application processes, inventory management, and record keeping.

This ground-breaking partnership is brought to farmers by Vantage New Zealand, which is the exclusive distributor of Trimble Agriculture products in New Zealand. Vantage NZ aims to empower farmers across the country by providing them with cutting-edge technology and expert knowledge to optimise their agricultural operations. 

Vantage NZ Co-founder Jemma Mulvihill says the collaboration supports the company’s goal of transforming farming practices across the country and providing farmers with enhanced options and greater efficiency.  

“We take immense pride in revolutionising the agricultural landscape in New Zealand. Harnessing the power of Trimble Agriculture solutions through the Trimble Ag Software API. This partnership will help farmers and contractors streamline their workflow, improve reporting accuracy, and maximise the use of both new and existing Trimble Agriculture equipment. 

“With Trimble Ag Software now connected by Precision Farming, farmers and contractors can leverage world-leading technology and enhance operational efficiency. Manual steps will be eliminated, and proof of application will be automated. The result will be more accurate and reliable application records for compliance reporting and decision making with minimal effort.” 

Farmers utilising Trimble Agriculture’s vehicle guidance products will now have the advantage of digital reporting for self-spreading, gaining real-time insights; and contractors will be able to digitise their workflow and gain a work-in-progress view for fleet management. With enhanced data management and analysis capabilities, farmers can make more informed decisions and optimise their spreading and spraying practices, ultimately improving productivity and reducing costs. 

“With a focus on simplicity, efficiency, and connectivity, this software integration between Trimble Ag Software and Precision Farming paves the way for a new era of farming in New Zealand,” says Jemma Mulvihill.  

“It will empower farmers to save time, reduce costs, and improve environmental sustainability.” 

Precision Farming’s Chief Operating Officer, Chloe Walker, says its partnership with Trimble Ag Software builds on the company’s efforts to help farmers easily manage their environmental data using smart technology and common sense. 

“Farming today relies heavily on data and there is an app or online platform for just about everything. It can be confusing and time-consuming. 

“Precision Farming’s world-class technology simplifies things by enabling different systems to work together and talk to each other. This means data from Trimble Agriculture enabled vehicles can now be automatically transferred to farmers’ Hawkeye or My Ballance accounts or spread/spray diary within Precision Farming. 

“Trimble Agriculture’s integration with Precision Farming will give farmers peace of mind knowing exactly what has been spread where and when. It also gives contractors a wider range of vehicle guidance technologies to choose from. 

“It will also improve the accuracy of variable rate spreading. This can help farmers apply their fertiliser in a way that keeps costs down, looks after the environment better and keep on top of their nitrogen application compliance.” 

For more information about Vantage NZ and Precision Farming, please visit their websites at and