Precision Orchard Management

Understanding your block from not only the ground up, but also in the ground, is integral to successful crop growth. EM (electro-magnetic) soil surveying has long been used as a detailed method of understanding soil variability across a block and the affects it may have on crop growth and performance. How do I manage my light soil areas differently to my heavier soil areas? Are there pans across the block? These are all questions to be investigating particularly at the block planning phase, but equally in an established block. EM Surveying allows accurate identification of these differences so different decisions can be made in different areas of the block. For example, irrigation design might be matched to soil type variability or  variety planting planned differently.  

While understanding your soil is critical, so is soil moisture. Multi-depth capacitance based soil moisture probes such as the AquaCheck allow a detailed insight into soil moisture levels the whole way down the root zone, making irrigation management a breeze with accurate information, including soil temperature right at your fingertips.

With new nitrogen regulations coming into effect it’s now even more important to ensure that inputs are recorded and fine-tuned as much as possible while ensuring optimised productivity and profitability within this regulated environment. Simplifying record-keeping through the use of integrated GPS displays and easy-to-use software apps such as Trimble Ag Software now take the hassle out of it all. Trimble Farmer Core and Farmer Pro offer solutions from basic record keeping through to full work-order planning and crop scouting.

Having identified all this variability and having these maps is all good and well but you still need the hardware to control the application, and that’s where the Trimble display range can help. From the entry level GFX-350 right up to the TMX-2050 there’s a solution for whatever your needs are be it basic guidance, section control, steering or much more. Trimble are currently offering very competitive Finance Offer so if you’re interested investing in new hardware to increase your capability get in touch with the Vantage NZ team today to find out more.