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Technology aids effluent management and reporting

Precision ag tools and technologies have long been used for a range of on-farm applications from variable rate nutrient management to machine guidance and control, and everywhere in between. The ‘right amount, in the right place’, saying applies to effluent management, equally as much as all other inputs on-farm. In 2020 we are blessed with a range of tried and tested tools and technologies to help ensure that effluent is managed as accurately and efficiently as possible.

To ensure that effluent is being applied ‘in the right amount, in the right place’ on-farm, soil moisture and environmental monitoring are key. Incorporating soil moisture monitoring into your effluent management ensures that you’re keeping an accurate record of how you’re affecting soil moisture levels with your effluent application, giving you the insight to adjust application rates based on soil moisture levels as required.

Another easy addition to an effluent-based soil moisture monitoring solution is a weather station, to record rainfall and help automate record-keeping of rainfalls compared to when effluent was being applied on-farm. Utilising an integrated solution through Vantage NZ, with the ability to also work off existing Halo Milk Vat Monitoring systems, ensures that you get the best value for money while ensuring that farm information is centrally stored for ease of reporting when it comes to compliance time.

While monitoring environmental factors to manage effluent is very important, likewise is proof-of-placement. Vantage NZ brings to the NZ market the industry-leading suite of Trimble Agriculture precision hardware. For farms that apply effluent through slurry spreaders, the Trimble GFX-350 with Precision IQ and Trimble Ag Software allows proof-of-placement maps to be easily captured, the slurry applicator controlled, and the map automatically sent through to the Trimble Ag Software for easy record-keeping once the job is completed.

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Article published in: New Zealand Farming Life, October 2020

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