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Precision Products


Benefit from a variety of accuracy levels with Trimble GNSS receivers for all your precision farming needs.

View the suite of receivers below. 


Nav 900 Guidance Controller


The NAV-900 guidance controller is our most advanced GNSS receiver to date, built for maximum uptime and a wide range of accuracy options from basic to high precision. It is designed to mount on the roof of most agricultural vehicles to provide positioning and guidance, including autosteer.


  • Full range of correction signals including GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, Beidou, and QZSS constellations
  • Built in WiFi and Bluetooth for tethering and device connections
  • Simplified setup with fewer components allows for an easier installation process and increased compatibility with CAN-based steering
  • Combine with one of the GFX series displays for auto guidance and precision farming functions
Vantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1479_CMYK_72dpiVantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1479_CMYK_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1695_CMYK_72dpiVantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1695_CMYK_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1475_CMYK_72dpiVantage New Zealand_NAV-900_1475_CMYK_72dpi


Nav 500 Guidance Controller


Paired with any GFX series display, the NAV-500™ guidance controller is an affordable precision solution capable of receiving corrections from multiple GNSS satellite constellations. Get sub-meter repeatable accuracy and full-farm coverage at a great price to use during tillage, broad-acre seeding, spraying and harvest.


  • Low-profile rugged housing
  • Trimble ViewPoint RTX™ corrections
  • 5 satellite constellations
  • Roll-corrected manual guidance
  • Compatible with EZ-Steer® assisted steering system and EZ-Pilot® Pro steering system
  • 1 Bluetooth®
  • Multiple CAN ports
Vantage New Zealand_Nickel_threequarter_72dpiVantage New Zealand_Nickel_threequarter_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_Nickel_Back_RENDER_72dpiVantage New Zealand_Nickel_Back_RENDER_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_Nickel_Top_72dpiVantage New Zealand_Nickel_Top_72dpi


Ag-25 Antenna for CFX/FMX


The Trimble AG25 Antenna is a general purpose GNSS rover antenna ideal for dynamic applications where position and heading are required. The AG25 offers excellent OmniSTAR (L-Band), GPS and GLONASS signal reception, making it ideal for use with the OmniSTAR G2 service as well as GPS/GLONASS positioning and heading applications.


  • Comprehensive GNSS support, including GPS modernization signals, GLONASS, BeiDou, and Galileo
  • OmniSTAR and RTX support
  • Supports MSS narrowband and wideband
  • Rugged and 100% humidity proof
Vantage New Zealand_AArchdale_(AP)_001_10_72dpiVantage New Zealand_AArchdale_(AP)_001_10_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_AG_25_00003_HR_72dpiVantage New Zealand_AG_25_00003_HR_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_IMG_5523_72dpiVantage New Zealand_IMG_5523_72dpi


Ag-15 Antenna Upgrade for EZ-Guide


Trimble Ag15 antenna upgrades accuracy for EZ-Guide 250 display. Easy to use affordable tool for 20cm accuracy for a wide range of applications.

Vantage New Zealand_receiver_tractor_72dpiVantage New Zealand_receiver_tractor_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_Dogfish_Antenna_CLEARCUT_1106_033_72dpiVantage New Zealand_Dogfish_Antenna_CLEARCUT_1106_033_72dpi
Vantage New Zealand_FMadet_EZ_17_10_72dpiVantage New Zealand_FMadet_EZ_17_10_72dpi