Vantage NZ Covid Update – 6th December, 2021

Kia ora and good afternoon,

With New Zealand moving into the new traffic light settings (COVID-19 Protection Framework), it is timely to provide you with information regarding the steps we are taking to ensure we can continue to provide the high level of service you need.

While we continue to strongly encourage our team members to get vaccinated, we are not implementing a compulsory vaccination mandate for current employees.

The policy we have ensures we are managing our workforce appropriately while ensuring we are providing the highest level of service possible and following the guidelines outlined by Government. All Vantage NZ services are permitted under the traffic light system if they are carried out in a way that minimises or eliminates the risk of Covid-19 contamination or transmission, and complies with Government Covid-19 requirements.

Traffic light response plan

We will be strictly following the public health guidelines as outlined in the traffic light settings for your region. This may change if the Government implements mandatory vaccinations.

 For all customer visits – we will:

  • Call ahead and confirm your vaccination status
  • Provide the vaccination status of the Vantage NZ employee
  • Agree a site visit is appropriate before commencing
  • Show you a copy of our vaccination pass when we visit

If unvaccinated, we will:

  • Agree if a site visit is appropriate
  • Wear a face mask and ask our customers also wear a mask unless you have an official exception;
  • Provide a recent (7 days) negative Covid test result and request to see customer vaccination pass or recent (7 days) negative Covid test result
  • Maintain 2m distance.

 You can download your vaccination pass from here.

For all events we will strictly follow the protocols outlined by event management and venues as per the traffic light framework e.g. an event within a red region can have up to 100 people with vaccine passes or 25 people if passes are not requested.

If you would not like to confirm your vaccination status our default position will be to proceed as if you are unvaccinated.

While the Vantage NZ approach is to comply at every level with the guidelines outlined by Government, we also understand and respect the rights of individuals. We request all customers and suppliers respect these guidelines and be assured Vantage NZ staff will also respect the views and guidelines of our customers and suppliers, while we all continue to manage the challenges of Covid-19.   

Thank you for your support, and we look forward to continuing to provide you with the services that allow for greater sustainability and returns through the adoption of precision agriculture solutions, and further enhancing our New Zealand farming position as world leading.  

Best regards,

Garry Watt

Vantage-NZ Business Manager